Porcelain Crowns in Lake Mary, FL

A crown is a dental restoration than covers the exterior portion of a tooth. Crowns allow Dr. Bonn to restore a broken tooth to normal function or change the color and shape of a tooth for a cosmetic makeover. Crowns are very durable; the porcelain used today is very strong and beautiful, leading to a predictable outcome and longevity.

During your consultation, Dr. Bonn will discuss your goals and result expectations in order to create a realistic idea of your treatment and outcome. We’ll go over issues such as tooth color, symmetry, longevity, and materials, and look at pre-treatment photography to aid in explaining your treatment choices and expected results.

Crown treatment with Dr. Bonn typically takes between two to three appointments to our Lake Mary dental office. If significant changes are to be made to your smile, a pre-operative mockup is done to guide the preparation to the result. You will wear a temporary crown for approximately three weeks while we create your final crown, which will give you a good idea of the size and contour of your permanent crown. This also gives Dr. Bonn the opportunity to make any changes to your final crown if needed.

Dr. Bonn’s 30 years of experience and dedication to your overall health means that your crown treatment will be predictable and result in a beautiful, functional smile. Thousands of patients throughout Lake Mary have trusted Dr. Bonn to restore their oral health and aesthetics. You can, too, by scheduling an appointment with our Lake Mary cosmetic dentist, Dr. Bonn.

Before and After

Patient's teeth before treatmentpatient's teeth after treatment
Patient's teeth before treatmentpatient's teeth after treatment